September 28, 2014

Catching up...hold's gonna be a long post.

At the end of 1st grade, we went to the zoo. 
Mom came with us and brought Cooper

I got an award in 1st grade.
I was one of the top 3 kids in my class.
I even got a Target gift card with it.

I played soccer again.
This was my favorite year yet!

Summer started and I was so excited to have a break from school.
We went on a couple hikes with dad and mom.

And then we headed to Seattle to spend the next 7 weeks.

The first thing we did...was celebrate Mandy getting married.
It was a pretty fun day!

Then we played...

We spent a few days with Grandpa Jones on his boat.

Then we spent a week with mom's family for the Jones Family Reunion.
We spent a day in Seattle.

Went to a flight museum.

Spent a day on the Olympic Peninsula.
We went to this cool game farm where you drive through and the animals come up to your car and you can feed them. Dad was really the only one that fed them..

For the 4th of July the whole Jones family spent the day at Uncle Kyle's swimming and playing.

And then Uncle Kyle and Grandpa put on the best firework show right above our heads.

The last day of the reunion we celebrated Great-Grandma Jones' 90th birthday.
I really love her!

 After the reunion we kept doing fun things.
We went on the duck tour in Seattle.
We got to quack like a duck and see all the cool parts of Seattle.

We went to the Space Needle.

and hiked to this really cool waterfall.

Dad came and went from Seattle. On one of his trips to see us we spent the day at Mt. Rainier with Grandpa Jones and Grandma Mim. The mountain is so cool!

And we spent lots of time at the beaches around where mom grew up.

We also got to have lunch inside the space needle. 
The restaurant spins around so you get to see everything.
It was so cool!

There was one sad thing that happened while we were there.
Mom's bike and my bike got stolen.
We had gone on a bike ride by the super mall and after we went into the mall to get mom a new helmet and an ice cream treat. When we came back out to the car someone had cut the cable that locked our bikes to the car and took our bikes. It was a very sad day.

Since we had a big bike trip planned with Grandpa Jones, dad bought us new bikes.
I was pretty excited about mine.

 On mom's birthday we took our bikes and rode on a couple different ferries to ride our bikes on the San Juan islands.

We started on Lopez Island and rode our bikes to this really cool beach.

Then we rode another ferry to the San Juan Island to Friday Harbor.
We had lunch there and then rode to another awesome beach.

It was a super fun day...tiring...but super fun!

The last week we were there to did a few more fun things.
We went to the children's museum...

and the zoo...

And then our trip came to a close.
Our last day in Seattle we celebrated Keith's wedding.

And then it was time to go home.
It was a super fun summer filled with so many fun activities.
I was sad to leave Seattle but excited to be back home and to see my friends.

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