April 5, 2014

March 2014

March is always a very busy month.
This year was no different.

Grandma Bonnie came to visit.

So did Grandpa Jones and Grandma Mim.
We went skiing with them.

I really like skiing...but I am still trying to convince mom to 
let me try snowboarding.

It was nice for a few days
so we went on a bike ride to feed the ducks.

they weren't eating...but we had fun anyway.

Mom and dad celebrated their 11th anniversary.
They even went away for a night and Grandma Bonnie took care of us.

 And like every March, 
I celebrated my birthday!

This year I had a Lego Star Wars party.
We played with Legos, learned how to be Jedi 
including testing our skills on an obstacle course 
and then playing Lego Star Wars bingo.

It was a super fun party!

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